Is our empathy a curse?

How can being a highly empathetic person be life’s greatest gift but also one's biggest tragedy?

Empathy is a beautiful thing. Humans have this capacity to understand and feel what another person is experiencing and place themself in their position. They are halving someone’s pain and lightening the intensity of a situation that is too much for one to handle. They do say a problem shared is a problem halved. But why do we feel this need to show empathy to people and absorb all their pain? Why d

The desperate need to be understood

As humans we try to find ways to feel understood- whether it's through books, lyrics or poetry. We find art that speaks to us and use other's words to express ourselves. But if we know how we feel, why don't we have the words for ourselves?

The urge to be understood, it’s all anyone wants. As humans we are all intricate beings made up of a million different things that have formed the person we are today. We are complex and complicated. We are every story we’ve read, every book the teardrops ha

Wanting to be great or nothing

How can you overcome the feeling of never being enough and beat one's biggest enemy… perfection?

How are we supposed to accept going from the best to average? An average writer, poet, dancer, painter. A woman of average beauty and style. In a world where it is almost impossible to be the best, how are we meant to accept this? Constant comparison, where there is always someone better in front of you, how can we not be critical of ourselves? When we were little we wanted to be something new every

Is music the gateway into our souls?

Music is something that everyone has grown up on and as it changes throughout the years, we change with it. It is embedded in our lives, memories, feelings and our hearts. But can someone’s music taste tell you something about them and their personality?

I once heard someone say that songs are like bookmarks. They are embedded in parts of your life, a page in your story. You flip back to that bookmark and the memories come flooding back. Songs and music have such a long lasting effect that stay

Lessons in self care

Finding strength in self care and self love is so important and here is my 18 tips on how to truly prioritise yourself and your needs.

Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to stop and take some time to prioritise ourselves and our wellbeing. Relieving some of that stress and pressure we feel and checking in with our mind and body is so important for looking after ourselves. Everyone needs some self care and self love in their life and if anything it makes you a stronger and more

The journey to knowing and loving yourself

Knowing who you are and developing your self love is so important in your teens and 20s. But should you truly love yourself before getting into a relationship and love another person?

I think being alone my whole life has really allowed me to get to know myself. And when I say ‘alone’ I’m not saying I’ve lived on a desert island stranded my whole life. Essentially I mean I’ve had no romantic relationships my whole life. I am very independent person so I have never actively been looking for a pa

Big girls don't cry... or can't they?

Is it because I'm getting older that I'm starting to feel less emotional or have I just learnt to get on with life?

As I leave my teenage years, I've noticed I have become a lot less emotional. I’ve always been a very sensitive person throughout my teens. The saying “Don’t give it, if you can’t take it” was so prominent in my mind. Obviously I’d have a laugh and a joke with people but I would never take the jokes too far as I knew I could never handle someone going in on me too harshly. Maybe t

Is 'Galentines' becoming more trendy than Valentines Day?

Is the trend of celebrating Galentines more popular this year, even for the girls in relationships...

As Valentine's day approaches once again this year I've noticed the trend of having a ‘Gal’entines party or replacing Valentine's day for Galentines and spending the day with your friends instead. But why has this trend become so popular and is it going to become a new holiday for female friendship groups?

Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian Feast Day honouring two early Christian martyr

The ongoing pain of being a woman

How a monologue in the show Fleabag made me realise that female pain never goes away, it only changes after time...

I guess the pain of your childhood up until your teens is growing up, letting go of your innocence. Although the biggest pain I felt when I was child was probably falling off my bike, I know that is not the same for all children and some are exposed to extreme pain from a young age, such as from trauma or grief. Then as your teenage years come around there is your period, a physic